This show is heavy with the sound of Detroit natives James Stinson and Gerard Donald. They did a great line in combining electro, Detroit techno and ambient music. The hour has some classic Drexciya along with a some great track from other projects they were involved in. The second half gives way to some classic G-Funk from the likes of Warren G, Snoop Doff, Domino and DJ Quik.

Tags: Boards of Canada , Detroit Techno , Drexciya , Electro , G funk

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Feat. electronica/minimal techno/ambient tracks in the first half – lush mid 60’s jazz in the second

Feat. A lot of minimal techno/electronica and ambient music from the Kompakt label, Jan Jelinek, Shuttle358 and Kenny Lark in the first half giving way to Jazz pieces from Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Bill Evans trio/with Jim Hall and a great Evans original recorded by the Kronos Quartet for the rather fine album ‘The music…

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